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Goal Setting Like Albert Einstein and Warren Buffett

By mid-month every January most of us have already failed in maintaining our new years resolutions. 

However, it’s never-too late to become more productive, accomplished, and fulfilled, starting today.

Read this insightful and inspirational Inc. article full of actionable models for all of to figure out how deciding what NOT to do can make all the difference in becoming more productive.

We can no longer focus on a small number of important project, but find ourselves, instead, rushing between an increasingly overwhelming slate full of a variety of obligations. This time fracture can prevent real accomplishment.

Imagine if Einstein maintained a blog, wrote a book, joined a bunch of clubs, and tried to master rowing at the same time he was working on general relativity?

We’d still be living in the age of Newton.


–  Author Cal Newport, book So Good They Can’t Ignore You

Read all about it in this Inc. article.

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