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When Business & Timing Don’t Sync

Listening to a recent Marketplace podcast – marking the one-year impacts of COVID-19 on America’s business economy – we couldn’t help but be drawn into the “unfortunate timing” endured by Denver, CO beauty shop owner Ashlie Ordonez. (listen to the podcast)   Having a business plan, signing a location lease, rolling out the Grand Opening […]

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6 Things to Remember When Communicating Virtually

  If you’ve been in virtual meetings or trainings during the past 12-months, you know the benefits and pitfalls of using a video conferencing platform as part, (a BIG part), of your communications tool-kit. The availability and quality of the top platforms have made quantum leaps over the years. Once mastered, however, the video conferencing […]

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Produce an Annual Report that People Will Actually Read

Remember those 45-page annual reports with pages and pages of text, financial tables, and donor lists? Right, nobody reads those things anymore. Plenty of organizations of every size still produce those kinds of ponderous, year-in-review documents, but that doesn’t mean they’re getting read very much. To make an annual report that people actually want to […]

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6 New Year’s Marketing Resolutions for Your Organization

2020 was a wake-up call for many organizations seeking to modernize their digital communications as the pandemic permanently disrupted every traditional sector of business. As we aim to kick off a successful new year in this new normal, it’s time to set communication goals for 2021 and beyond. It may be technologies you need to […]

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Interpretation is an Artform

Messaging is ‘simply’ story-telling. We say ‘simply’ in air-quotes because it’s anything but simple. It’s indeed an Artform. Whether it’s cave wall pictographs, passing down lore around the campfire, preaching the Good News, elevating your elevator pitch, or interpreting an art piece or a Civil-War battlefield; all effective communications distill down to these two core […]

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It’s the final countdown!

Follow this simple plan and you’ll be on track for holiday – or any campaign seasons – marketing success. It’s one final push to boost sales or donations or? before the end of your campaign cycle, don’t leave it all until the last minute. We wish you a successful campaign and all the best! ­ […]