Organizational Transformation through Rapid Leadership & Change

S3’s proven OLT (Organizational Leadership Transformation) is a program to empower your organization to carry out its mission

žAnd the vision, which includes:

  1. Customer Focus
  2. Performance Measurement and Results

While Reducing the Cost of Services

  1. Mid-Manager Empowerment and Engagement
  2. Use of Latent Talent and Resources
  3. Consolidation Where Needed
  4. Build Bench Strength

Outcomes include a sustainable Client-focused Management that:

  • Focus on the client
  • Work through self-organizing teams
  • Continuous improvement based on experiences with clients, with front-line input
  • Be open about improvements required for progress
  • Communicate interactively through stories, questions, conversations
  • High-performance teams solve problems
  • Empowering you to transform how your organization operates and provides services
What’s required for this Organizational Transformation?
  1. A commitment of Executive Leaders to Cross-boundary and Departmental Team-lead improvement efforts
  2. “Rapid Transformation” focuses on short and longer-term changes.
  3. OLT Action Learning Projects – Board and staff take knowledge from OLT course and apply new skills to specific “action learning” projects in and across departments
“Action Learning is a process that involves a small group working on real problems, taking action, and learning   while doing”