Nonprofits are faced with a full-buffet of choices

Just as Baskin Robins touts 31 flavors of ice cream, the IRS has it one better when it comes to nonprofits… There are five different types of nonprofits. Those five different types of nonprofits include:  501(c)(3) charitable nonprofits, 501(c)(2) title-holding trust corporations, 501(c)(4) community welfare organizations,  501(c)(19) veterans organizations and  501(c)(6) civic league organizations. (Think […]

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Eight Tips to Decrease Your Board’s Liability Exposure

Organizations of all sizes have risks. Choosing to retain, transfer or mitigate risk is a daily cost-of doing business, and a deeper discussion for another time. Today’s focus is for corporations (be you a for profit, or not-of-profit), organized with a board and bylaws (or constitution, or both!) Follow these eight-tips for smoother sailing whatever […]

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Produce an Annual Report that People Will Actually Read

Remember those 45-page annual reports with pages and pages of text, financial tables, and donor lists? Right, nobody reads those things anymore. Plenty of organizations of every size still produce those kinds of ponderous, year-in-review documents, but that doesn’t mean they’re getting read very much. To make an annual report that people actually want to […]

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6 New Year’s Marketing Resolutions for Your Organization

2020 was a wake-up call for many organizations seeking to modernize their digital communications as the pandemic permanently disrupted every traditional sector of business. As we aim to kick off a successful new year in this new normal, it’s time to set communication goals for 2021 and beyond. It may be technologies you need to […]

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How Nonprofits and Board Members Can Respond to COVID-19

 A growing list of excellent resources for non-profits seeking COVID-19 navigational guidance, thanks to our friends at BoardSource. Also – If PPP, EIDL and SBA applications are the new mutterings you find yourself uttering during hours of both wake and sleep… Rest assured that S3 is here to help. To date we’ve helped our […]

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