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The Quest for the Perfect Virtual Meeting Platform

Prior to the current global pandemic, the worst seat at the table of a business luncheon meeting was the one on the far end of the conference call phone. (What joy it was not hear – or see – whatever made the whole room erupt in laughter. Or worst yet was silently sitting on the other end of the line with your yogurt and granola bar lunch while all the in-person ‘real people’ ordered and loudly ate their deliciously sounding dinners…)

Those squawk box distant days have certainly changed since COVID-19 has forced everyone to meet virtually. Thanks to Zoom and other online meeting technologies the playing field has been leveled – for many – while it is still leaving all of us missing most of the core values associated with in-person gatherings.

With COVID-19 having such a massive impact on the meetings and events industry, your live streaming offerings should be a priority for any event scheduled from now on.

Getting the lay of the virtual landscape

Quickly since moving to online virtual platforms, we have realized that each unique online virtual platform is akin to the physical layout of your favorite meeting venue.

  • Knowing where the best parking spot is,
  • That quiet corner where you can grab a phone call in peace, or
  • simply where the ballrooms HVAC doesn’t freeze you out of your seat during the course of the conference, we’re all essential knowledge nuggets needed to successfully navigate in-person meetings

Today one of my greatest fears associated with “jumping in to” a virtual meeting, is navigating for the first time all the tools associated with a new virtual meeting platform.

  • Will logging in be a breeze, or another new software installation nightmare?
  • How do I raise my hand?
  • Is the Q&A’s box treated differently from Chat?
  • Will they offer virtual backgrounds, or do I need to tidy my home office space before showing my camera?
  • And finally, how in the world did I get stuck in this assigned breakout room with people I have no connection or association with?!?

Virtual Meetings are Here-To-Stay

All these and many more are part of the challenging landscape that is present, and most likely to some degree – “Here To Stay” – forever, a new part of our normal meeting planning tools.

S3 Solutions is deep in the middle of producing online virtual content and events for a variety of clients, as well as we have been attending plenty of virtual meetings ourselves.

Understanding which platforms to use. How to promote, host, and price your newly pivoted virtual event, are all key.

Engagement is still the Biggest Challenge

But the most elusive goal of all is how to re-create community in a virtual world. (And we think we have found just the tool for that!) We’re talking about all-in-one virtual platform solutions to:

  • Host (and where appropriate, monetize)
  • Professional Networking
  • Engagement
  • Community Building
  • Sponsor/exhibitor and Trade Show opportunities
  • Food & Beverage offerings (Okay, we haven’t – yet – found a replacement for the quality eats and unscheduled conversations that once occurred around the morning and afternoon coffee breaks…)

Contact S3 Solutions when you are interested in leveraging plenty of tech knowledge and support with today’s industry best practices in producing, managing, and advancing your organization’s mission via a strategically sustainable online virtual platform solution.