Nonprofits are faced with a full-buffet of choices

Just as Baskin Robins touts 31 flavors of ice cream, the IRS has it one better when it comes to nonprofits… There are five different types of nonprofits. Those five different types of nonprofits include:  501(c)(3) charitable nonprofits, 501(c)(2) title-holding trust corporations, 501(c)(4) community welfare organizations,  501(c)(19) veterans organizations and  501(c)(6) civic league organizations. (Think […]

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There are really only three use cases for advertising. Do you know them?

Advertising can too often feel like a complex, brain-squishing maze to navigate.  But not today. Today, we’ll keep it simple. We came across a useful theory of advertising by Alex Greifled, and she brings up an interesting point. Alex says there are only three use cases in advertising: #1 – Demand generation – when you want to create […]

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Goal Setting Like Albert Einstein and Warren Buffett

By mid-month every January most of us have already failed in maintaining our new years resolutions.  However, it’s never-too late to become more productive, accomplished, and fulfilled, starting today. Read this insightful and inspirational Inc. article full of actionable models for all of to figure out how deciding what NOT to do can make all […]

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Big Thoughts on Micro-Issues focused on Successful Remote Management

  The Remote Workplace – in some way, shape, or form – is here to stay. This outstanding Harvard Business Review article by  Raghu Krishnamoorthy, the Senior Fellow and Director of the University of Pennsylvania’s acclaimed Chief Learning Officer doctoral program, offers the proposition that “Micromanagement is an employee obstacle; micro-understanding is an employee resource.” […]

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Eight Tips to Decrease Your Board’s Liability Exposure

Organizations of all sizes have risks. Choosing to retain, transfer or mitigate risk is a daily cost-of doing business, and a deeper discussion for another time. Today’s focus is for corporations (be you a for profit, or not-of-profit), organized with a board and bylaws (or constitution, or both!) Follow these eight-tips for smoother sailing whatever […]

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Zen and the art of Wordle based Marketing

First off – Thanks to Billy Mueller’s recent post of inspiration. Top take aways: Ask yourself: Are your emails easy to read?  “Less is more” scarcity is valuable Extremely shareable content has more organic / viral engagement than most $ marketing spends Be fearless in taking – strategic – swings at deeply connecting with your […]

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Are We Meeting or Truly ‘Meeting’?

  While Soccer, (Futbol), is indeed the “Beautiful Game“, we can compare good associations or organizations’ board of directors’ meetings to athletic contests that are well-officiated. Imagine you’re putting on the Zebra stripes, donning a whistle, and viewing this topic with me through the lens of a referee. Both require preparation, experience … and leadership. […]

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The Secret Sauce for Successful Camping Ministry

Faith based Camps & Retreats, (for whom I’ve provided over 30 years worth of enterprise Founders and non-profit Executive Directorship with, and now consult for from coast-to-coast), is firmerly rooted on the conviction that time spent away from familiar surroundings, deeply engaged with the created order, and under the tutelage of fellow faith-seekers, provides youth […]

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The Correct Way to Email

Timeless Tips – The Correct Way to Email It’s still the best way to communicate professionally, but only if you follow these tips  Thanks to author Sarah Begley for these never-out-of-style email etiquette tips.   1. Quickly get in and quickly get out Whether to use “Dear” or “Hi” or “Hey there!” depends on your […]

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When Business & Timing Don’t Sync

Listening to a recent Marketplace podcast – marking the one-year impacts of COVID-19 on America’s business economy – we couldn’t help but be drawn into the “unfortunate timing” endured by Denver, CO beauty shop owner Ashlie Ordonez. (listen to the podcast)   Having a business plan, signing a location lease, rolling out the Grand Opening […]

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