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When Business & Timing Don’t Sync

Listening to a recent Marketplace podcast – marking the one-year impacts of COVID-19 on America’s business economy – we couldn’t help but be drawn into the “unfortunate timing” endured by Denver, CO beauty shop owner Ashlie Ordonez. (listen to the podcast)   Having a business plan, signing a location lease, rolling out the Grand Opening […]

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6 Things to Remember When Communicating Virtually

  If you’ve been in virtual meetings or trainings during the past 12-months, you know the benefits and pitfalls of using a video conferencing platform as part, (a BIG part), of your communications tool-kit. The availability and quality of the top platforms have made quantum leaps over the years. Once mastered, however, the video conferencing […]

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Produce an Annual Report that People Will Actually Read

Remember those 45-page annual reports with pages and pages of text, financial tables, and donor lists? Right, nobody reads those things anymore. Plenty of organizations of every size still produce those kinds of ponderous, year-in-review documents, but that doesn’t mean they’re getting read very much. To make an annual report that people actually want to […]

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Q: What’s the best way to protect your company? A: Safeguard your data

No matter what size your business is, there’s one big thing you need to be thinking about in 2021: Customer Trust tips into how you treat their digital data. Keeping your organization’s data — and your customers’ data — safe is essential. Cybercrime is expected to cost businesses $6T this year — double the amount from […]

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The Quest for the Perfect Virtual Meeting Platform

Prior to the current global pandemic, the worst seat at the table of a business luncheon meeting was the one on the far end of the conference call phone. (What joy it was not hear – or see – whatever made the whole room erupt in laughter. Or worst yet was silently sitting on the […]

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Elevating your most effective Elevator Pitch

Whether in person, in print, or dashing across the digital screens of our busy lives, we only have a few seconds to get prospects to LOOK so that we might set the HOOK for what – we hope – is a meaningful sales funnel journey; concluding with another win in your BOOK of business. In […]

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Does the “top brass” need to stay in customer support?

“What role should an organizations leader play in customer support? Is there anything useful to be learned by talking to customers directly every day or is this more of a distraction that should be handled by dedicated folks?” You may have a full team of people, including marketers, dedicated customer support folks, and tons of […]


Considerations, Risk & Responsibilities as COVID-19 threats continue

  Returning your operation to any-level of “normal work” during this on-going COVID-19 pandemic isn’t an easy decision. Each stage of reopening comes with risks to employees’ mental and physical health, as well as scheduling conflicts for employees who also have to care for family members. Organizational leaders should consider these risks, as well as […]

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Keep the Peace at Meetings

Keep the Peace at Meetings Roll-up-their-sleeves dedicated Board members love to argue. Whether it’s a policy, procedure or philosophy, it is rare that all passionate team or Board members will agree 100% on interpretations, spirit, and intent of your organization’s policy’s, By-Laws or the best way to do things. Most of the time, that sort […]

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How Nonprofits and Board Members Can Respond to COVID-19

 A growing list of excellent resources for non-profits seeking COVID-19 navigational guidance, thanks to our friends at BoardSource. Also – If PPP, EIDL and SBA applications are the new mutterings you find yourself uttering during hours of both wake and sleep… Rest assured that S3 is here to help. To date we’ve helped our […]