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Q: What’s the best way to protect your company? A: Safeguard your data

No matter what size your business is, there’s one big thing you need to be thinking about in 2021: Customer Trust tips into how you treat their digital data. Keeping your organization’s data — and your customers’ data — safe is essential.

Cybercrime is expected to cost businesses $6T this year — double the amount from 2015 — it’s becoming more and more difficult to detect, and when it involves your customer’s personal data, the cost to your organization’s reputation is… priceless.

The recent breach at SolarWinds — which manages infrastructure networks at ~85% of Fortune 500 companies — proves that companies still need lots of help protecting their systems.

How do you know if your data is safe? Industry-leading data security experts agree; there are no foolproof, one-off solutions for guarding your company’s (and customers’) information. But here are a handful of questions you should ask yourself, including:

1. Know your data. Do you know what data you’re collecting or observing about your customers?

2. Know where your data is located. Where are you storing your data, and how safe are your networks?

3. Understand its purpose. Who are you sharing your data with, and why?

4. Have a plan to protect it. Do you have a security regime and security protections that are secure enough?

If you missed a recent WireWheel, virtual conference dedicated to helping businesses protect their data — fueled by the chief privacy officers from Microsoft, Adobe, and a dozen other companies to discuss the future of data security — do yourself and your business a favor and stream these two presentations:

SPOKES Replay: Ethical Marketing: How to Establish and Retain Consumer Trust


SPOKES Replay: Impact of Privacy Regulations on Social Media & Retargeting

NextSafeguard the trust of your customers, contact S3 Solutions to discuss either a security audit or system architecture assistance in helping to better secure your data in 2021 and beyond.


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